You Can Install A Performance Exhaust System

You Can Install A Performance Exhaust System

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The advantages of installing a high quality performance exhaust system on your vehicle extends beyond the obvious. Let’s take a look at four benefits that can make a difference for you.


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If you are considering replacing your vehicle’s exhaust system, a performance exhaust system can be an ideal choice, offering to you many benefits over a stock exhaust system. Let’s examine the benefits of installing a performance exhaust system versus a stock exhaust system.

1. More Power – One of the obvious benefits of a performance exhaust system is more power for your car. Using catalyst back [cat-back] technology, additional horsepower is freed up, with horsepower increases of 5%, 10%, and even 15% possible. Exactly how does a cat-back system work? By keeping all the key emissions components in place, a cat-back system brings in large width exhaust pipes and low restriction performance mufflers for your car resulting in a lowering of exhaust back pressure. One nice side benefit is the deeper, throatier pitch created by the exhaust system. Since your vehicle’s engine is in essence an air pump, a cat-back system helps the engine to pump and flow air with less disruption.

2. Better Fuel Economy – You will achieve better fuel economy as a performance exhaust system allows your engine to run more effectively, thus consuming less fuel.

3. Long Lasting – Some performance exhaust systems are designed to outlast the life of your car. Depending on the system you acquire, you may be able to install a performance exhaust system that comes with a one million mile guarantee. How so? Because, the part is made of a certain grade of stainless steel, the same grade used to produce aircraft! You will pay more for the parts, but it can easily be the final exhaust system your vehicle will ever need.

4. Better Resale Value – Better parts on your vehicle will mean that its value will hold up. Sport versions of many models command a premium price over standard models.

With a Haynes or Chilton repair manual at your side, you can replace your exhaust system yourself and save plenty of money on parts and labor. By installing a performance exhaust system yourself, you likely will pay only slightly more for the system over a dealer installed stock system, thereby maximizing the gains you will realize in electing to go with the performance exhaust system over the stock exhaust system.


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